Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Goodluck Fabio and Welcome Daniel

After some years of hard work Fabio Erculiani decided it was enough and he wants to move on.

The team regrets this ofcourse and we wish him all the good luck with his new job @Microsoft

Would this mean the end of Sabayon? No! ofcourse not.
We have Daniel Robbins and some gentoo-devs ready to come help the distro to make it even better.

A press update will follow shortly


carra said...

Anonymous said...

Well done Joost! You had me fooled :)

stefaninipaola said...

Steve Erculiani

vaettchen said...

Wow - I had just remitted my annual contribution to Fabio's bank account. I grabbed the phone to call my bank manager to cancel the order when I realized the date...

Well done, a real shocker!