Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some additions to KDE4

We are working on the next Sabayon 4.1 release and things are going well.
As you might know, this time we want to do things slightly different. Ironicly we always do things different. But this time we decided to work on 2 different DVD's based on the previous succesfull release of liteMCE.

The G disc:
This will be allot like the liteMCE disc which features gnome as its desktopmanger.
The G disc doesn't need much work. Since its mostly an updated packages/artwork version of liteMCE.

The K disc:
This would be the same thing as the G disc but with KDE 4.2.1 as its desktopmanager.
Now this one will take more time because we want to tackle some practical problems. We want to ship the K with the most pure KDE/Qt programs and we need to work out some of the artwork issues like GTK applications (e.g. firefox) that are looking ugly.

So i went looking and found a nice replacement for Gparted:

This package is already available in entropy. Please note that its still marked as beta and on my system it took a while before it loaded up on my screen.
Another thing we wanted to add to the K disc is a nice little program that lets you edit the grub menu and even reinstall grub in case of an emergency.

The GRUB editor program is now in entropy.

Any further suggestions are welcome.


dritter said...

I would love to have some nice network-config tool, cause NetworkManager doesn't work on my laptop (i'm a victim of bug https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=163578 ). Anyway. Here is my suggestion:


I hope that networkmanager will be stable asap. Looks quite promising: http://vizzzion.org/?blogentry=839

Joost Ruis said...

We are ofcourse testing that plasmoid right now. Hopefully we can ship with it.

Jogai said...
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Jogai said...

KDE Partition Manager works good, but very slow. These isssues are known by the developer, but there is not a version released for several months. I dont think its ready to put in a distro. I will install gparted as long as KPM isn't a lot faster.
I like the idea of a kde4 only desktop. Thats what i installed now on top of a litemce core installation.

dritter said...

@Joost: Well netcfgGUI is another app that looks very promising. What I wanted to say with my previous post is that unless the networkmanager-plasmoid isn't stable I would embrace netcfgGUI in entropy.

Anonymous said...

these are great news. I impressed by the litemce edition for the stability and speed. please keep walking on a gnome-based release.

some suggestions:
1. autocomplete (with TAB) for the command line like ubuntu (apt-get) when using equo
2. less imformative verbose when you searching or installing a package with equo

ryu said...

what about "open as root" option in dolphin? ;)

Piero said...

It would be great to also include a working kdebluetooth4 version. At the moment it needs a patched version of solid to work correctly because of some API changes. If I'm not wrong these patches are already used within kdemod from Archlinux.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is possible to be added. But what i would like to see is the classic menu of kde4 to have the themes and the artwork of classic menu of kde3.
That Suse menu is a complete failure and the classic menu in kde4 is very agly.