Saturday, April 25, 2009

E17 now available in Entropy

To get it installed do this:

as root in a terminal:
equo update


edit /etc/entropy/packages/package.unmask
add into this file:



equo install dev-libs/eina dev-libs/eet x11-libs/evas x11-libs/ecore dev-libs/embryo media-libs/edje dev-libs/efreet x11-libs/e_dbus x11-wm/enlightenment

Now e17 is installed and you can enjoy it by selecting "enlightenment" from the sessions menu in the login screen.

additional tips:

Download themes here!


Micia said...

Wikified in Italian: Link

Fitzcarraldo said...

I'm getting the following error message:

acertm8215 fitzcarraldo # equo install dev-libs/eina dev-libs/eet x11-libs/evas x11-libs/ecore dev-libs/embryo media-libs/edje dev-libs/efreet x11-libs/e_dbus x11-wm/enlightenment
>> @@ Calculating dependencies ...
>> @@ Packages needing to be installed/updated/downgraded: 16
>> @@ Packages needing to be removed: 0
>> @@ Download size: 0b
>> @@ Used disk space: 23.2MB
>> @@ You need at least: 75.5MB of free space
>> :: (1/16) >>> dev-libs/eina-9999
>> ## Package checksum matches: dev-libs:eina-9999~0.tbz2
>> :: (2/16) >>> dev-libs/eet-9999
>> ## Package checksum matches: dev-libs:eet-9999~0.tbz2
>> :: (3/16) >>> media-libs/libpng-1.2.33
>> ## Package checksum matches: media-libs:libpng-1.2.33~0.tbz2
>> :: (4/16) >>> x11-libs/evas-9999
>> ## Package checksum matches: x11-libs:evas-9999~0.tbz2
>> :: (5/16) >>> x11-libs/ecore-9999
>> ## Package checksum matches: x11-libs:ecore-9999~0.tbz2
>> :: (6/16) >>> dev-libs/embryo-9999
>> ## Package checksum matches: dev-libs:embryo-9999~0.tbz2
>> :: (7/16) >>> media-libs/edje-9999
>> ## Package checksum matches: media-libs:edje-9999~0.tbz2
>> :: (8/16) >>> dev-libs/efreet-9999
>> ## Package checksum matches: dev-libs:efreet-9999~0.tbz2
>> :: (9/16) >>> sys-libs/glibc-2.8_p20080602-r1
>> ## Package checksum matches: sys-libs:glibc-2.8_p20080602-r1~0.tbz2
>> :: (10/16) >>> dev-libs/glib-2.18.3
>> ## Package checksum matches: dev-libs:glib-2.18.3~2.tbz2
>> :: (11/16) >>> sys-fs/udev-135-r4
>> ## Package checksum matches: sys-fs:udev-135-r4~1.tbz2
>> :: (12/16) >>> sys-kernel/linux-headers-2.6.27-r2
>> ## Package checksum matches: sys-kernel:linux-headers-2.6.27-r2~0.tbz2
>> :: (13/16) >>> sys-apps/hal-0.5.12_rc1-r2
>> ## Package checksum matches: sys-apps:hal-0.5.12_rc1-r2~0.tbz2
>> :: (14/16) >>> x11-libs/e_dbus-9999
>> ## Package checksum matches: x11-libs:e_dbus-9999~0.tbz2
>> :: (15/16) >>> app-misc/hal-info-20090202
>> ## Package checksum matches: app-misc:hal-info-20090202~0.tbz2
>> :: (16/16) >>> x11-wm/enlightenment-9999
>> ## Package checksum matches: x11-wm:enlightenment-9999~0.tbz2
>> ++ (1/16) >>> dev-libs/eina-9999
>> ## Unpacking package: dev-libs:eina-9999~0.tbz2
>> ## Ebuild: pkg_preinst()
>> ## Installing package: dev-libs/eina-9999
>> ## Updating database: dev-libs/eina-9999
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/equo", line 452, in module
rc = text_ui.package(options)
File "/usr/lib/entropy/client/", line 132, in package
multifetch = equoRequestMultifetch)
File "/usr/lib/entropy/client/", line 1072, in installPackages
rc = = xterm_header)
File "/usr/lib/entropy/libraries/", line 6803, in run
rc = self.run_stepper(xterm_header)
File "/usr/lib/entropy/libraries/", line 6778, in run_stepper
rc = steps_data.get(step)()
File "/usr/lib/entropy/libraries/", line 6712, in do_install
return self.install_step()
File "/usr/lib/entropy/libraries/", line 6442, in install_step
rc = self.__install_package()
File "/usr/lib/entropy/libraries/", line 5663, in __install_package
newidpackage = self._install_package_into_database()
File "/usr/lib/entropy/libraries/", line 5891, in _install_package_into_database
File "/usr/lib/entropy/libraries/", line 35525, in addPackageToInstalledTable
self.cursor.execute('INSERT into installedtable VALUES (?,?)', (idpackage, repositoryName,))
sqlite3.OperationalError: table installedtable has 3 columns but 2 values were supplied
acertm8215 fitzcarraldo #

Fitzcarraldo said...

s'OK, I used Portage to merge equo and entropy and then it worked. I had used equo install equo entropy spritz to make sure I had the latest versions but got the error message I mentioned in the previous Comment. equo search told me I had latest versions but I have just checked with eix, which told me I didn't, so I merged them via Portage and now equo install with the list of E17 packages now works.

Joost Ruis said...

that error has nothing todo with E17, it might be a bug in Entropy.

revjames said...

This is great. I am a long time Elive tester and love e17.
I love sabayon though because it works brilliantly with almost any hardware config.
Combination of the 2 has to be perfection.
Just one small problem (e17 installed perefectly by the way) is that e17 normal network manager does not have the abilities of gnome/sabayons and cannot connect wirelessly as does not read wpa 1 or 2 encryption. Can some tell me in simple terms how to add an elive repo to spritz (ie. repo address) so that I can download e17 module for exalt connection manager as wicd package under sabayon hasn't installed correctly and I know it should work under e17. I.m plobably short of dependencies for wicd.
Sabayon network Manager is showing in e17 but there i no module available to hook up that last bit of the connection!!!

Kindest regards
zen master

Anonymous said...

By Omar

Joost Ruis said...


I'm aware that not everything (e.g. allot of modules) are not available in entropy at this moment. Due some depends against imlib2 i need to wait until after sabayon 4.1 K releases before i go and break things.

revjames said...

Apologies. Gnomes network manager does work in the background of e17 it's just you can't tell that its connected.
As I recall from elive the lack of a desktop wireless signal gadget/monitor was always a bit of an issue.
Did't mean to offend or cause problems and am very grateful for the wm.
Kind Regards.

Fitzcarraldo said...

Joost Ruis wrote: "that error has nothing todo with E17, it might be a bug in Entropy."

Yup, I know.

Anyway, after getting past that little puzzle E17 works quite nicely, so many thanks for uploading it to the Entropy repo.

When I switched back to KDE 3.5.10 several things were broken (Control Centre and Home icons missing from K Menu Favourites; KDE Keyboard Tool missing from Panel; all icons missing in K Menu > Applications and sub-menus; settings:/ empty in Konqueror; etc.) and I had to re-install the following packages to get these back: kcontrol, kmenuedit, kxkb, kdebase-kioslaves). I think that's about it. Note sure yet if anything else is broken in KDE 3.5.10. Some GNOME icons that were there before in the K Menu > Applications sub-menus are still missing. Any idea what is the easiest way to get these back? Thanks in advance.

Fitzcarraldo said...

I just used the K Menu menu editor for each missing GNOME icon. There were only a few missing.

ReemZ said...
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ReemZ said...

Nice screenshot Joost, which theme is that?